Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Shocking -

Well, first good morning, and then, I will say I feel slightly shook up.  I know that my blog is public.  I get comments from people I don't know and each time I am bit startled, even though they are positive, but my sense is always that I write directly to each of you.  My perception is that I personally know my audience.   I am informed this morning that somehow something I put on the blog ended up here.   


    It is part of my comment posted on the blog about Barbara Boxer and Condoleeza Rice.  Now, I had written a coherent letter and sent it off, but when I do the blog, I just kind of spout as might be obvious from what is there.  Also, I think I said a little more than is there, though I would need to look back and see.  Anyway, the point is this.  I will continue to try and not censor what I say.  I think spontaneity is key, and it is odd to know what is put here is open to be quoted anywhere, so, there, it is.   It is a most modern world, and I guess I slip conveniently into it.

I wrote a poem about the moon one time and what it must have been like for her when we slipped behind her and saw the "back side" of the moon which she was always careful to keep hidden from us.    I wondered how she felt.   Perhaps that is how I feel right now.  Whoops!!   Exposed!   And it is okay!!   I send a letter to Barbara Boxer supporting her on what she said.  I am pretty liberal with my letters to my political friends.  I remember now I asked you to write letters on this subject and my brother did.  I think it was this one.  I have lost track.  I used to buy the paper each time they put me in.  Now, I don't.  It is like that, and this one feels a bit weird to me and it is okay, I think.   : )

Happy Day!!

Prayers today for my friends who are dealing with medical issues.  I feel an onslaught lately of medical problems with my friends and their friends.   I am heading out to Muir Woods to walk with Karen.  We are feeling a need for a weekly visit to the trees and stream.   I hope to see a salmon, and plant my dreams.

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