Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

What a day -

The acacias are blooming and the lovely, pungent smell and yellow dust is in the air.  I love these first spring whiffs.  It is hard to believe on a day like today that winter will return and we know it will.

I signed up for the sensory awareness study group as a way to again find the presence I felt while going through chemo.  I feel I "achieved" that.  My diaphragm is swinging freely and my breath is at ease.

I had an unexpected result today.  My scar has occasionally reminded me of Harry Potter's scar in that it is like a warning system of distress.  Today someone handed me a rock and pressed it slightly against my breast.   It hurt there, so I moved the rock to my hand, and, then, I felt an energetic pulse go through the scar and down my arm into the rock in my hand.    It was like a lightning bolt.   Peter Levine works with how energy can be bound up when there is a trauma.  It can release like a spring when we are given a chance to relax.  I think that happened today with my scar.  I am hoping this means the healing will be a little quicker now, or not.  Whatever is, is okay with me.   Today, I felt enoughness.  I am exhaling fully.  I am content.

I watched the sun set and Steve fixed a lovely dinner.  It is a day of discovery and comfort for me.

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