Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Good Morning!!

Day begins.  I feel so peaceful this morning.   The theme of our weekend sensing was kindness.  It was not necessarily a chosen theme, though perhaps it is always there.  It is what emerged.  It is so simple really.   We are kind to ourselves, to all our little cells bouncing and thriving within.  We allow them to respond to the pull of gravity and bounce back up again, like trees reaching for sky.   Kind to ourselves, we are kind to others, and they feel that, and they respond like happy, little cells.  We share the bounce.   So note today when you are kind to you, and reflect that kindness outward.  Be present with what comes your way and respond.   Each of us may have difficulties in our lives and it is how we choose to respond.

I think there will be even more spring scent in the Bay area air today.  Enjoy!!

I woke this morning thinking of the earth, sun, and moon all in their orbits and connected.   We have freedom, yes, and we are also connected in a shared orchestration of space and time.   May your orchestration inspire new notes, far-reaching trills today.

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