Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Good Morning!

I read the NY Times headline that "Bush insists U.S. must not fail in Iraq," and I wonder how Bush is the only person on the planet who doesn't realize we have failed.   Amazing.  I love that Nancy Pelosi is there, as "Madam Speaker."   It is hard not to feel a puff of pride about that.

My book group has decided to join the Peace March this Saturday rather than re-visiting the De Young.  I hope there is a huge turn-out for this across the country and especially in Washington D.C.   Visit a gathering peace on Saturday if you can.  

Sensory Awareness is about feeling gravity and working with it.  The last few days I have had fun playing as though I were on the moon with its 1/6 the gravity of earth.  What would that be like to live on the moon?   I float around, and then, I pretend I am on a planet with a heavy, heavy pull of gravity.  I can barely lift my spine.  I realize in writing this that in many ways our moods do just this, change our sense of gravity.  It is fun to play with it.  Try it out for yourself.

Are you living on the moon or a planet with a deep, dense downward pull?

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