Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

My Morning Flow!

December 27, 2005


Waking up to the day,
ah, just now, a touch of light,
waking up to play,
and the dance of the brace
as it parties in the sky -
I am graced with looking
at prayer,  piled, like mountains,  high -



this morning,
gifts -
I am rested,
and in that rest,
like the meadows,
as they spring
from the earth,
waving color,
like wings.  


the rose of my being is open,
heart spread out
like a fish, caught,
and happy to be filleted
to feed many people
with joy, love, and grace -


when I am joy,
can I write anything
of coherence
or must I just sit here,
a fish leaping
up and down
out of the sea -
my sons tell me of a humpback whale
who, waited quietly
while the divers worked
to release,
and then, the whale swam to each diver,
with a touch, of thanks -
how can I not vibrate
in the grace
of knowing divers
were touched, in thanks,
by a humpback whale -
song fills my heart -
the whale and the lark
arc song in my parts -
the dance is poignant,
and strong -


sew -
bow the heart
with ribbons and string -
tie up the world
as much as you can -
kiss a humpback whale
as it splashes and leaps
from the backs, and fronts,
of your feet, and your hands -



hmmmm -
the sky aglaze today,
reminding me of lemon bundt cake -
I have the perfect recipe now -
Soak the zest of the lemon
in its own juice -
I lay my coating gently down,
Enter like a tub,
the simmering brew inside -
Softly I rub
any bitterness aside
left without a glove -




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