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The New Yorker this week has an article on how doctors think.  It is by Jerome Groopman.   When I chose chemotherapy, I was too shocked to think about the particular drugs or the damage they might do.  I was following orders.  I wanted to heal.  I read in this article about Adriamycin, which is called "the red death" by oncologists because of its cranberry color and its toxicity.   The article says, "Not only did it cause severe nausea, vomiting, mouth blisters, and reduced blood counts; repeated doses could injure cardiac muscle and lead to heart failure."  It is odd to read that now from this perspective.   Hmmmm!    No wonder I continue to work so hard to heal, and reach so strongly now toward Sensory Awareness where my body-mind has a chance to right itself from the damage done by the drug Adriamycin. 

There is also an article about Tiki Barber and what the "sport" of football has done and continues to do to his body.   The SF Chronicle recently had an article on what it is like for Joe Montana now that he is fifty as he lives with what was done to him in his years playing football with the 49'ers.  I think as this world expands its concept of peace, the "sports" world and what it does to those who play has to go.

The Romans had their circuses and we thought it was brutal that they placed Christians in a coliseum with a lion, and yet, I wonder if the damage done to players in the name of "sport" isn't much the same.   We can say players today have choice and they do and fame and still how it is sporting to watch men clash and damage mind and body over and over again?    Maybe these articles will lead to change.  

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