Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Dick Olney -

Here are some quotes from Dick Olney, who named his work Self-Acceptance Training.  At the moment of self-acceptance, a person feels "alive and real and open to life."

    "Use your body as if it were a meat thermometer that you stick into a turkey to find out its temperature.  You use your body to find out about yourself, not to tell you what to do, but to tell you what you are feeling.  Always check back to what is happening in your body, because your body never lies."

    "When you are in touch with your body, no harm will befall you."

    "You cannot engage in an experience without feeling it in your body.  Just to understand an explanation of something is not enough."

    "Distinguish between what you feel and what you think, between somatic reality, which is your direct experience, and semantic reality, which is your idea or concept about reality."

    "Meditation is not the art of concentrating on something.  It is the art of bringing yourself back."

"You can see each thought as being just another log floating down the river.  Eventually you will stop seeing the logs, and you will start seeing the river."

    "What would your tears say if they had a voice?"

    "Emotion will not drive you crazy.  What will drive you crazy is the fear of emotion."

    "The great tragedy of being self-conscious is that no one is looking."

    "The need to connect with others is what separates you from others, because to say, "I need to connect," is to say, "I am separate."  There is no need to connect with me because you are me.  For us to be separated physically, there would have to be a thin film of nothing between us, but there is no such separation.  We are a physical continuum."


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