Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Good Morning!

The news seems weak to me on the peace marches, but this is an interesting little tid-bit.

David Plotz has a blog, "Blogging the Bible," where he reads it like an R-rated book, and comes forth with some interesting comparisons.  He compares David to Bill Clinton and makes a good argument for it.  He says: 

        "A lot of you will bite my head off for saying this, but David reminds me of Bill Clinton (and not for their sexual sins and love of music). Like Clinton, David brilliantly combines two virtues and one vice. He truly loves God. He is profoundly warm and empathetic -- he's constantly feeling the pain of others, as with the murdered priests.

        Yet he cannily exploits his understanding of human nature for his own advantage. He's always gaming people, measuring them, working them over to gain an edge (i.e., he adores Jonathan, yet he flips him against his dad."

    The article by Vicki Haddock begins with these words, "David Plotz was a not-very-observant Jew who had spent three decades largely avoiding the Bible until one day when, bored at a cousin's bat mitzvah, he began thumbing through a copy of the Torah. Landing on Genesis 34, he was captivated by the rape of Jacob's daughter Dinah, and the devious way her family wreaks payback: tricking the rapist's family into disabling themselves with circumcision, then massacring them."

            Those drew me into the article and the Bible may be next, though I have tried before and never made it very far.

I am in the process of moving my huge bookcase from one room to the next which involves moving all the books, so they are now placed in one room with a stack to go to Good Will and another recognition that I need no more books for awhile.


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