Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Cleansing -

In going through a great deal of my "stuff," I am uncovering gems.  I am in my own archaeological dig.



    Madness or Sanctity
    Such is our inevitable choice.
    All other choices
    Pale in insignificance.
    Madness is easy.
    To be a nervous wreck is easy.
    To be deranged is easy.
    To break down is easy.
    To be weak and go to pieces
    Is easy.
    To give up
    And open the gates to a creeping paranoia
    And then to madness
    Is easy.

    To have courage is more difficult.
    To embrace hope and trust is not easy.
    To be strong and uphold your center
    Requires inner qualities.
    To retain sanity
    Is not easy - but all important.

    Through hope, love, compassion, and mercy
    To the Great Courage of our being,
    Which becomes a Great Sanctity,
    Which finally becomes SANCTITY.
    Such is our path
    And our necessity.

    Madness cannot prevail in this world.
    We were born into a sane world.
    We shall restore it to sanity and sanctity.

             - Henryk Skolimowski

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