Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Good Morning!

I continue to wake at 1:30. This time I went back to sleep, though, and now, I am awakened by an amazing downpour. I get up to watch and listen. Wow!! Quite the winter storm, again!!
I have read that the ancestors try and contact us around two  in the morning, and I wonder now if that is what this waking up is, my ancestors trying to explain why all of this is important for me.
I continue to read of new cancer treatments which will eliminate chemo. I appreciate that there is so much research trying to eliminate what all oncologists and people seem to agree is barbaric. I am trying to stay with that this will ultimately allow me to be stronger, as my white blood cells are really getting a work-out.
I again request white and red blood cell count visualization as I will have my blood test on Friday. I am requesting early this week, getting a head start on the whole thing.  I'm beginning to figure this whole thing out.  Plan ahead!   : )

So, this morning, from Pablo Neruda's "Book of Questions" -

    "What is the distance in round meters
       between the sun and the oranges?"

If you have an answer, let me know.     I am still contemplating!!

It seems like it could be no distance, that they are one and the same, or perhaps, a very interesting distance, full of dimension and quivering veins.   Perhaps one-half of a round meter, or the length of a simmering meteor's rain, or a comet's boxcar and cool engine train. 

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