Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Afternoon -

It is cold today.  The fog swiggles in.  The kittens are asleep and I have turned the heater on.

I realize that I don't do well with decision making when it comes to purchasing.   We are looking for a new bed.  I am starting to think a bed of leaves would be quite fine.  There are an overwhelming number of beds, platforms, slats, pillows, sheets.  My mind overloads and shuts down.  I am starting to think that sleeping on the floor is quite good enough, and I am sure we will make it through the vast array of decisions and be quite satisfied with what we choose.  I see why we put it off for as long as possible.  I recently read an article that said some people spend up to $10,000 outfitting their beds with pillows, pads, and special sheets.  I have now laid my head on a pillow that costs $350.00.  I try and imagine what the pillowcase should then cost for this pillow and maybe I need new nightgowns and then I think I might need a new me to even sleep on it all.  I start to feel overwhelmed and then I shut down which is why I am here with a new declaration for myself.  I have probably 20 years of daily journals in this house.  I am going to go through them, and see if there is anything worthwhile and then discard.  I am in cleaning out mode.  I visited Good Will today and it felt good to drop off a trunk-load of stuff, mainly books.  I have more than I need and I want to clear out so there is a space for the new to enter.  May this be so!!

Happy sleeping on clouds to you!!    Oh, and by the way, I did not buy the $350.00 pillow, just lay my head upon it to consider.  Perhaps it was too much for my head.   My head has decided to fluff itself on air.

When Charlotte Selver at the age of 102 was preparing to leave the planet, she said, "I could weep.  I could weep with joy at letting go."  Then, she settled herself with a smile and said, "And yet, it is not so simple.  There is a place deep in my heart that is resisting."

I suppose that place in my heart says as long as it is here, it wants a bed.

Happiness and joy to you!   I read somewhere the each person only deserves two explanation points in their writing life.  I give myself two right here.  I am generous with those.

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