Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Morning Thoughts -

I woke this morning, thinking of the mountain lion I saw one wintery late afternoon. I headed out to the headlands as the sun was beginning to set, and I was circling round as the sun was nearing the ocean, when I looked up and saw a mountain lion sitting erect on the highest spot to watch the sun set.  We both watched, and then, I proceeded along, alone, back to the car.  The feeling of that shared experience has stayed with me these last ten years.  I read of how animals experience awe.  This morning I felt it as connection.  The mountain lion and I, one with the sun, the sea, the land.  There was no danger in that.  We both were full; we were fed.

Jane and I talk this morning.  She suggests this lull between Christmas and New Years is a lullaby.  Isn't that a lovely way to contemplate it?

Here is my poem on the subject of this interval of time, that is so full and so empty, all at the same time. 

accordian time -

the time between Christmas
and the beginning of the new year -
a time expanding in the dark
and rain,
like a slinky folding and unfolding,
flopping, gathering itself together,
and flipping down the stairs -



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