Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Good Morning!!

The moon is still an orb in the sky.

I receive a Live Journal comment from an anonymous person that Anna Quindlen did not speak at Villanova University in 1999 and has not spoken there at all.  I google her and the university and learn that she was scheduled to give the 1999 commencement address but declined due to her views on abortion.  It appears that she did speak there on June 23, 2000.

I must admit I did watch the Super Bowl.  I turned it on at 3:30 figuring it would be half-way over, but no, I caught the very beginning.  We did record it so we could fast-forward through the commercials which did not appear too impressive this year.  Steve was born in Indianapolis and I in Chicago,  so it was fun to root for both teams and enjoy every good play.  I still feel badly about the damage to the players and I must admit to enjoying the game.

In the book True North, Elliot Merrick writes of how surprised some of the people he meets in Labrador are when he tells them he has "walked by ten thousand people in one morning and not spoken to one of them."   This was before 1930 in NY city and I consider on that even now  Ten thousand people?  Is it possible?   Perhaps.   See if you can pull out a few of those you pass today and speak of sun and moon and what stirs the mead warming the kettle inside.

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