Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Change of Perception -

In the Course in Miracles, a miracle is called a change in perception.   I have perceived winter as a time of hibernation, cocooning, but when I read the book True North, I saw that the Laplanders were using winter as productive time.  That is when they head out for the furs.  They harvest in winter light.

I spoke with a friend yesterday and this winter she truly is harvesting and fulfilling her dreams.  I feel inspired today to work on this book, and I seem to feel the productivity in these dark hours, the depth, and there is something so fine in this softer light that also sparks at times.  I am grateful for the cleansing rain and a day to work.

May you, too, harvest this day in a way that brings food to your heart.

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