Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Is everyone's heart a'flutter?    Nobody loves holidays more than I, and even I feel this one is a wee bit over-hyped, and I will enjoy it despite that.  It is the modern way.   Thanks to computers we are reminded in even more ways.  I could have candy, flowers, diamonds, all delivered right here with the click of my mouse.  Amazing!!

The Kansas state Board of Education has repealed science guidelines questioning evolution.  This is good news for this day, as now, we can feel even more clearly our individual intention to evolve expansion of our hearts   I also think it is a good day to imagine ourselves as dinosaurs, fish, birds, humans and to consider all hearts and to imagine what the rocks have seen over these years, and the Redwood trees.  It is a good day to embrace the beauty of this world in which we live.  I am grateful to be here, and I'm paying extra attention to the beating of my heart and may give it extra carrots and lettuce leaves for special treats.    Pat a heart today!!   It pats you all the time.   

Happy Valentine's Day!!


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