Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Good Morning!

I woke early this morning delighted with life.   Even after dealing with a day's worth of email spam, I feel easy and light.   I decided yesterday morning to participate in the Rosen movement intensive and I am enjoying it.  I continue to get movement back I lost last year and perhaps uncover places I never knew I had.  I bought some new music yesterday and am enjoying that.  My book group met and enjoyed a wonderful evening together.  The stars were out and the air as sweet as could be.  Spring seems to be here.

I read that education keeps us young, that we should all continue taking classes.   Okay!!

Though I haven't been out in the forest these last few days, I do feel a wonderful steady movement like a mantra, and I am rocking back and forth and circling in happiness and ease.

...Steady movement is much like a mantra chanted over and over. Steady movement reduces inner confusion, and chaos the same that white noise drowns out the invasive, distracting sounds of daily life. I immerse myself in the Eternal Present as I walk, reeling in the absolute immediacy of a trail twisting and turning through the trees. The forest opens to me. Around every bend, a new world awaits – a glimpse of some wild creature darting across the land, a beaver pond appearing unexpectedly, a rare flower blooming. There is no end to it. I savor these small, elemental surprises as the abstract concerns of a more complicated way of life gradually fade away. I become a part of the forest – a woods wanderer, a seeker of wild things, a chaser of butterflies. And the gap between self and other narrows...

Walt McLaughlin, excerpted from Forest Under My Fingernails


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