Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Good Morning!

Yesterday I spread my arms out and felt myself as a rainbow.  Can you imagine anything as wonderful as that?

I am participating in a wonderful circle of women, and I feel how important that is to society, this allowing of sacred circles of women who have done years of work on themselves and years of work helping others, all gathered together in a circle to support each other and further explore.

Most of my circles shared in this way have been male and female and I have appreciated that, but this year brings me two circles of only women and I feel the richness of that too.  I think there may be an even deeper vulnerability though I'm not sure.   I like the idea of circles for men, women, and both.

What I see in this circle is roles exchanged.  One of my former teachers is a student.   Someone I have taught is a teacher.  One of my dearest friends is my teacher and I think each day when I see her of how it was for us when we met, and I see her now and all the years.  It is so sweet and we bathe, open, cleanse in the beauty of years and tears.  Yesterday she said I am aunt to her dear daughter, and I feel blessed with that.  I am so blessed in my knowing of young women, my Beloved niece Katy, the most Dear Christina and the Angel Kara.   I feel held in a trinity.

Steve moved our dresser yesterday so he could begin patching the walls and the bedroom feels completely, wonderfully different.  When I went to get my underwear this morning, I was facing the window instead of a wall, and I can see what is in the drawers.  I am delighted and feel like I am living in a whole new house.  Imagine when the new carpet comes!

Play with being the sun, a rainbow, and clouds today.  How amazing is this world, this day, this Play!!

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