Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Good Morning!!

I woke early, four actually and rose and enjoyed our "new" bedroom.  We are still sleeping on the floor in the other room which is fun, so I went into our bedroom with the new carpet and the new bed and bedside tables and meditated on simplicity and connection with the land on which I live.   This house has become rather cluttered and so it was lovely to be in that room with nothing but the platform of the bed and two tables.  The mattress comes today.   Moonlight came in through the window and that was enough.

Since the Rosen movement intensive, I feel myself living more clearly in my pelvic area, and sitting more firmly and easily on my sit bones.   I love this land on which I live, the connection with the coast Miwok.   There was one place in the room I was inclined to sit and so I did and I thought of people walking on this land and enjoying it before there were homes and roads.  It is still simple here and I like that.  I felt the roots of the trees underground holding root hands.  

We are up to Napa today with Steve's business partner and his wife.  I bought a wine tasting at the breast cancer fashion show auction and so we will have a private tasting and then go out to dinner at a wonderful place that Di has chosen for us.   Blessings to all today!!

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