Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Sauntering -

I read Thoreau on sauntering and feel I have spent a good part of this day well.

When I dropped my car off for its physical, I intended to walk home, but found myself instead walking toward Ring Mountain and then up it to the top to view the bay and I still could have walked down the other side and home, but by the time I sat by the creek and under the oak tree and on a rock and then saw the petroglyphs and then walked up and viewed the world from another rock, well, by then, it was almost time for my car to be picked up, so it worked well.  I walked back down the side I came up though on a different trail.

I heard schoolchildren playing outside, and when I passed one schoolyard was asked to retrieve a shoe from my side of the fence and toss it over to a little girl.  Then, a bunch of children ran over to show me a ladybug they had found.  It doesn't get better than that, does it?  In walking, I discovered a little park by the marsh, Triangle Park.  It is marsh restoration and only for viewing and I am so glad to know it is there. 

Elaine Mayland of Rosen fame says that as we change we have to let go of one monkey bar to swing forward to the next.   Rosen movement and bodywork shift things around.  I feel that and I feel myself in a place of having let go of one bar and swinging forth for the next.  Today was a perfect day to rest, to rest in walking, sitting, exploring.  I felt like a giant as I watched spiders skitter out of my path.  I saw a water strider in the creek.  I took one small rock.

Salem Rice, a geologist said that you can see as much geology climbing up and down Ring Mountain as crossing the continent.  It is quite a place and I love it.   It is another place where the Miwok lived and I respond to the feel of their feet, the sound of acorns pounded to mush.

I think of a New Yorker cartoon as I walk.   Some fluffy sheep are looking up at the clouds and one says,  "Grandpa's up there somewhere."  Who knows?  Maybe clouds are sheep.  It depends how we perceive. 

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