Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

what began as a joke -

Benjamin Franklin liked to rise at noon and go to bed after midnight.   What began as a joke, it seems, his proposal of daylight savings time, is now taken seriously.   Does it really save energy?   Aren't people up early to prepare for the day with lights on in the early morning hours?   How funny it is to read of a witty proposal by Ben now imposed on us with no relevance to common sense.   The days are getting longer, so why shift the time of day, and we do.   I hope we are all out walking this evening and using no energy and saving fossil and other fuels.  If we truly do that, it is worthwhile.  If on the other hand, we are out driving and shopping, then, I think the goal of our spending more money has been fulfilled and that seems to be what this administration is interested in, rather than saving fuel.  Otherwise the tax laws would not benefit those who buy huge cars rather than small.   


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