Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Easter -

Somehow, to me,  it feels like Easter today.  It is spring-like, and the light is soft and bright.   So, as we know Easter is a pre-Christian holiday.  The goddess Eastre was worshipped by the Anglo-Saxons through her earthly symbol the rabbit.   Eggs have been a cultural exchange in spring since it seems almost the beginning of humankind.  The egg symbolizes rebirth and yes I can see how handing someone an egg would fill a reverential spring.  Even peasants could color eggs using vegetable dyes and the wealthy could wrap them in gold.  I will now handle and pass an egg to another in an entirely different way.  We have lost something of appreciation perhaps with the three egg omelet, the angel food cake that uses eight to twelve egg whites and the hollandaise sauce, yellow and buttery with yolks.  I see again how spoiled we have become as to expectation.  It wasn't until we moved here and I learned from my neighbor who had chickens that they don't lay all the time.  We were able to buy beautiful eggs from them in the spring.  It was not a year-round event. 

Imagine the taste of that first egg after a long, cold winter.  When I first encountered fresh basil and made pesto, I couldn't believe the wonder of it.  It was available in August and into September so I would buy basil and make and freeze batches of pesto.  What a treat in winter to drop a pesto cube into a steaming pot of minnestrone.  Now, where I live, fresh basil is available all year.

Anyway, though this posting will show 8:34, it is by the new time 9:34 and so as I say I feel like a lazy bum who is making a late entry into the day.   Curtsy and Bow and enjoy the spring!!  It takes me awhile to change my clocks, and through the day, I will.

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