Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Is that so?

A woman died on a British Airways flight and was upgraded to first class as was her daughter who spent the nine hour flight next to her mother grieving.  A man woke up and realized there was a corpse strapped in nearby that kept slipping down and out from the seat belt.   The airline  feels they did what was best for all.  My understanding is that on long flights there is a place where the flight attendants can go to lie down.  Surely there was another solution.   I know we are super-finicky about death in our society and perhaps in India there is more leniency and understanding but this solution seems amazing to me, and I suppose in the world of non-judgment, it is what it is.

Definitely if I die in the air, I want first-class. 

The sun is peeking through though rain may appear.  I plan to work on the book all day so am comfortably tucked in with all I need at hand.

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