Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

I am here!!

For those of you who know Rosen bodywork, you know there is often a theme or something that comes up that is really big and really matters.  Mine, yesterday,  was the statement that "I am here!"

I think that I left my body a bit last year as a way to survive.  I certainly tightened it into a tight little ball and I have been anxious for movement to return, and slowly it has, but yesterday, I really let go.  My diaphragm was moving and my abdomen was gurgling like never before.   The bones actually ached on the inside as they begin to feel the possibility of not having to be held so tightly in the muscle's grasp.  As I said, my left shoulder and arm are very sore.

Angeles Arrien says that sometimes we experience jet-lag in knowing what is going on for us, in honoring how we have changed.  I think I have been caught in these last few weeks in a time period of being a little girl.  Today, I am wide-eyed with wonder.   What is here for me now when I am here, when I feel my feet firmly open to receiving the ground, the floor?

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