Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
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Clocks and such -

My computer clock is finally on time.  It did not like the change in daylight savings time and I would change it and it would change itself back, so I got used to adding an extra hour, but now this morning I see that yes, 8:50 is 8:50.  Hooray!   My computer is stubborn like me, and not always thrilled with change.

My son Chris has an old Corvette that needs special care, so I drove him up yesterday to pick it up at the place where it has been living for the last two months, Corvette World or something like that and there I met Joe and saw some wonderful old cars.  I have never been much of a car person but I do enjoy the Classic Car races, especially the cars that are pre-war.  Sometimes they get up to 30 mph and they slow for the hills and most of them don't all make  it through what I believe is ten laps.  Anyway Joe knows Corvettes.  It was like being with the Car Talk guys who I listened to as I drove over to Berkeley.  It was amazing to hear Joe talk about Corvettes.  I think that is one reason Chris's car took so long to be fixed.  Joe loves Corvette's and he talks to each person who comes in, for hours.   It was fun.

Joe had Chris's car up on the rack so we could look at the suspension and watch the transmission fluid leak.  I'm glad that my car is reliable.  This car of Chris's rarely runs and it works for him because he rarely drives, but it is fun to be under the underpinnings of a car and see how it all began before efficiency set in, and I love my very efficient car.  After all we needed something to get us there.  Of course the Corvette also made it here and it was something to celebrate and I think it made it home where it will sit for a week before it goes back up for more work.  Chris just wanted a chance to drive it and it will return to Corvette World where it can hang out with other oldsters.  I guess it is like an old folk's home and I'm sure the stories told at night by those old Corvettes are exaggerated and bold.

Happy Palm Sunday.   1000 churches today went green in their choice of palm fronds so the palm fronds this year were picked carefully by people making double what they used to, and the trees and forests are healthy and intact.  The country is going green.  Chris works in the world of Solar Power and is loaded with job offers right now and he has a really good job already.  It is a world ripening into green and I mean money.  The tax incentives are bringing new companies and enthusiam to life.  Finally green is where it needs to be, making money.  Now, we should see the surge and hope it is not too late.  I read that poor countries will be hurt more by global warming than the rich ones.  May that, too, change, so we all find ways to adapt to this self-created change.  

Enjoy this day, and celebrate in whatever way spins your heart in the light of spring.  It is quite something to feel the light gain weight and strength.

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