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As long as my blood pressure is already up, I read The Nation.  There is an article by Joshua Kors on how soldiers who are injured in Iraq are then said to have pre-existing conditions, though why they were admitted to the army with "personality disorders," no one knows or answers.  They are refused absolutely needed benefits based on the supposed pre-existing conditions. 

One man, Jon Town, a man who was honored twelve times during his seven years in uniform, is now unable to work because he was flung through the air by a fireball.  The military says he has a pre-existing "personality disorder," so they don't have to pay the disability and benefits he is owed and has earned.  In addition, unable to work, he is supposed to pay back part of his "bonus," so actually, by their accounting, he owes the army money.  This is unfathomable.  Bush talks about supporting the troops and then to save money won't pay to take care of these men and women injured in his defense.  "A completely disabled soldier receives about $44,000 a year."   You shouldn't start a war if you can't support those who are injured doing it.  

Also, soldiers are barred from suing army doctors for negligance.  There is no accountability here, other than to know that our tax dollars could be going to pay back soldiers what they are owed, rather than paying for more and more weapons and money for the already-rich.  The gap between the rich and poor continues to widen.  How long do they really think people will be willing to go to war, especially when those who love to fight can be hired by Blackwater and be better paid?

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