Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

The Inheritance of Loss -

I am reading the book The Inheritance of Loss  by Kiran Desai.  

This is a book that makes you appreciate your right to stay in America, or not,  and the ability to travel, or not.

It will also change your dining experience if you live in NYC or probably anywhere else.  Know the rumblings in the kitchen are more than empty stomachs to fill.

The book also points out how much most of us in this country have.  I love this paragraph as a way to show it, and as a person who loves purses and bags with little pockets, I could relate uncomfortably close to the image.  Of course, I spent six weeks in Nepal with only a backpack so I do know the pleasures of traveling light, but that was choice, and for many, there is no choice.  It is what is.   Imagine a suitcase containing all that  you need for your life.  Perhaps that simplicity is invitation.   Pearl Buck said one of the happiest times of her life was when her missionary family had to flee China with very little at all. 

So, here is the paragraph from The Inheritance of Loss about a man who has come to the US from India and yearns to return.

    "The green card the green card.  The ....

       Without one he couldn't leave. To leave he wanted a green card. This was the absurdity. How he desired the triumphant After The Green Card Return Home, thirsted for it - to be able to buy a ticket with the air of someone who could return if he wished, or not, if he didn't wish...  He watched the legalized foreigners with envy as they shopped at discount baggage stores for the miraculous, expandable third-world suitcase, accordian-pleated, filled with pockets and zippers to unhook further crannies, the whole structure unfolding into a giant space that could fit in enough to set up an entire life in another country."

I consider my gifts and give thanks, knowing we each have a path to navigate with stones that are ours to lift, read, and return.  


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