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I am happily cooking tonight in preparation for tomorrow and I am wondering about something that has been curious to me for awhile.  I went to three grocery stores on a very busy Friday yesterday to be sure that all our food was of the highest quality and specifically organic.  Now one thing I notice as I struggle to get every bit of dirt off of lettuce, spinach, celery and asparagus is just how much dirt has come home with me. 

In the old days, celery and lettuce were relatively clean, but it seems the more organic that I buy, the more dirt that I receive and this dirt clings.  I wonder now if non-organic vegetables are washed and sprayed with some kind of teflon coating so dirt floats off.  I am gaining dirt this way, but I don't understand why the lovely organic dirt cannot be left at the farm.  I suppose the good thing is my land will continue to rise as I compost and spread this dirt, and so I, unlike many around me, will not be underwater soon.  All this dirt must be adding up to rising land. 

Do organic farmers think I more readily believe it is grown in soil when I see so much of it?   My understanding was that organic and non-organic were grown in soil unless they were hydrophonic.   Perhaps it is a way to make sure we scrub because if we don't we'll be eating grit and possibly grubs.   Happy cleaning and enjoying the modern organic world which actually is old.  Happy fruits and veggies to you!!

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