Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Good Morning!!

The sun is shining.  I suppose it always is, but I see its affect in the blue sky and the lightness of the leaves.  I haven't yet given it a direct look this morning but I feel its peer.  

I am feeling warm, full, content.  I spent yesterday checking out ways to publish, and finding publishers that I think will be interested in this book, and also discovering two agents that live nearby.  There is always the question of self-publishing and I will check everything out first.  It is a fascinatng exploration and the second half of the publishing journey.  First you write and then you find a way to package and present.  You go within and then come out.

The editor responded as I would have wished and now I just need to go in and tweak.  I am trying to put myself in that place of the book so I can tweak unobtrusively so it means a return to that world and on a day when this one is particularly inviting and it always is.

I was sad to read that Kurt Vonnegut died and then I realized he was 84 and lived a rich life.  I'm sure his travels are blessed.

So, to work.  We have been invited to a wine tasting at Noonan's restaurant in Larkspur Landing so I have inspiration to spur and spin me on.

To Spring!   How precious this day, each day!

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