Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy


When I came to email many years ago my computer aware son emphasized that nothing in email is private, to write everything knowing it was open access to all.

I read now that the White House has "lost" some important emails.  My understanding is that even what has been deleted can often be recovered.   I think we need to realize we are living in a monitored world.  Everytime I walk into the grocery store I am recorded.  My fastrak pass lets everyone know when I cross a bridge.  Actually there is a GPS system in my car.  Perhaps we used to believe we could hide, but I think the modern world is beginning to dismantle that thought.

My son told me that placing a photo of an eye next to a place where coffee was distributed on the honor system meant most people paid.  We are perhaps more accountable when we think we are being watched. 

Well, we are being watched.

In Rosen and other somatic practices, we say the body doesn't lie.  It is so refreshing to know that.   No lies - nothing to hide - what a lovely way to live.  May it be so and may people begin to realize.

God may or may not be watching depending on your beliefs, but each of us knows inside what is true, and more and more we are being monitored from outside on what we do.

Take care and happy being recorded as you stroll through your day.  I used to not like to have my picture taken because I believed like native peoples it might steal my soul away.  Now, I am used to it.   We are merging all the time in myriad ways.   Pay attention.   Your deeds are known and no matter what, we each have a conscience that pricks.  

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