Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Irreverent Perhaps!

Jane and I had forgotten that in January of 2005 we were sending poems back and forth and then we both got busy and forgot.

I come across a poem from that time and it relates to pie - what a surprise - and my reach to understand what images mean  -  where we see sacrifice and where we fulfill.   I intend no disrespect but I have always been entranced with the Christmas ornament I saw in Bangkok which was of Santa Claus on the cross.   Was intention mangled?   Was it irreverent, confused, humorous or simply commerce?   It is what we choose to see.  Images form and reform and give us what we need.

                                Image A La Mode

                                     Desiring to fill,
                      I replace the emaciated image of Jesus
                            pinched and nailed to the cross
                         with one of Laughing Buddha standing,
                                     arms raised in embrace
                                        connecting earth and sky.

                                                    Touch  Down!

                          I see the Buddha in the center of the cross
                                                 savoring Apple Pie!



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