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Prose poems -

Gary Young wrote this prose poem.  It comes from his book DAYS.

Our son was born under a full moon. That night I walked through the orchard, and the orchard was changed as I was. There were blossoms on the fruit trees, more white blossoms on the dogwood, and the tiny clenched fists of bracken shimmered silver. My shadow fell beside the shadow of the trees like a luster on the grass, and wherever I looked there was light.

    Gary Young

He talks about form in poems.

    "My attraction to the prose poem is emotional rather than critical. The prose poem is a maternal form. It is comforting and embracing, but it can also be smothering, constricting;  once inside, there is no way out, no place to rest until the poem is finished.  It is a clot of language, and must convince through revelation.

     But, in truth, what I treasure most about this form is the moral pressure it exerts.  The prose poem encourages a particular kind of modesty. It might even at times achieve a certain humility, a humility which may, through grace, be reflected back upon the poet's own heart."

            Gary Young


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