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Evening -

I am thrilled to read that a planet has been discovered outside our solar system that could possibly support life.  It is only 120 trillion miles away, so somewhat accessible within the extravagence of space.  I'm probably not going to make it for a visit but in my imagination I am there, contemplating another place and ways for life to be.

I am absorbing my full day, a day of Rosen movement, and, then, a return home for dinner and a dive into a new book loaned to me by my friend Jane, who informs me she reads the blog everyday and found it disconcerting I did not post the day I was in Carmel.  What happened there was that though I deliberately chose a place to stay with 24 hour internet access, that did not seem to be so.  I will give more warning about interruptions in the future. 

Anyway, I just read Making Friends with Cancer by Dawn Nelson.   Her story is similar to mine though she had ovarian cancer and no radiation, but certainly the parallels are there of fear and love, of an incredible outpouring of love and gifts, and a recognition of the blessings received in recovering from disease.

I had forgotten what it is like to go to the bathroom attached to an IV.  It's pretty funny and I did manage by myself.  Also, she didn't have AC for chemo,  but when you do, each trip to the bathroom releases a red fluid that makes it look like you are dying right then and there.  You might think you would remember, but I didn't, and each time I looked into the bowl to flush, it was a horrible shock.  It all seems funny now and I'm glad I feel that is so.  I am remembering now that in my dreams last night - this morning, I was laughing.  Everything was funny and my diaphragm was enjoying the most wonderful flapping up and down and all around.   I love my diaphragm, and my diaphragm and I love to laugh.   You do know about your diaphragm, don't you?  I hope you aren't thinking birth control.   This is birth release, birthright, living happy, joyful,  free. 

I like some of the quotes Dawn Nelson gives in the book.

"You're on the frontier when you're
        dealing with cancer.
 You're on the frontier of your spirit,
    of your emotional life, and of medicine."

            Selma R. Schimmel

"The ability to give and receive love
    includes loving ourselves.
        Love is the finest energy
            we'll ever draw upon."

                    Carolyn Myss

I like that!

Dawn writes this:

    "In an interview with Barbara Walters, Lance (Armstrong) said that winning the Tour de France was a great experience but "all things being equal I'd take the cancer."  In another television interview after securing the coveted first place trophy for the second time in 2000, he called cancer the most important event of his life and said he'd rather be remembered as a cancer survivor than as a two-time winner of the Tour de France."

I consider that.  Somehow it is not something I identify with, but, who knows, maybe I'm still in denial.  I do see, as does she, that it is hard to maintain that appreciative, blissful place when out of treatment.  She writes of how hard it is for some people to adjust back to "normal" life.  I think the key is to remember how precious each moment, and to not forget that time here is finite.

Elizabeth Kubler-Ross says:

    "It's only when we truly know and understand that we have a limited time on earth - and that we have no way of knowing when our time is up - that we will begin to live each day to the fullest, as it it was the only one we had."

Savor this moment!   Cultivate delight, pleasure, joy, and Love!

It seems some people have not appreciated the title of Dawn Nelson's book.  She is also the author of Compassionate Touch.

I think Making Friends with Cancer is a great book title and an important thing to announce and do.   I am reminded of President Franklin Roosevelt's words, "All we have to fear is fear itself."  It seems better to make friends with cancer than fear it.  What is better than making friends?

         Sleep tight and may your dreams rock with laughter, love, and joy!  I'm excited to see what comes tonight.


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