Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy


There is a plural for quail, quails, though I have never heard anyone say it.   We say quail and usually mean a collection of them.  I realize I rarely see one alone, and, if I do, he is standing on a rock, either proclaiming or defending, I am never sure which, but always speak to reassure I am no threat or possibility.   They are beautiful birds, and quite wondrously outfitted for the breeding season.

I am reminded  that the word quail can also mean "to lose heart or courage in difficulty or danger, shrink with fear."   If that definition came from the little guys that live around here,  it is totally wrong.  These are sturdy, brave creatures indeed. 
On a roll, I look up the word light in the Thesaurus.  I don't always consider all the meanings and definitions.  How many ways it shines. 

Happy Beautiful Day, shaking with wonder, exploration and varieties and shades of light, and feathers of birds.


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