Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Heron Dance and more!

This also comes from this issue of Heron Dance.

From Zulu Wilderness by Ian Player:

I watched Magqubu. He stood facing the sound, his head moving slightly, following the movement of the animals. He held up his hand, showing five fingers. How did he know there were five rhino when we could not see through the bush? Again it was an intuitive knowledge and the combination of all his senses. There was a sharp cry, like a cat mewing. Magqubu bent down, peering through the bush, then he indicated with his hand that the noise came from a calf. He held his hand up again, showing four fingers and the fifth bent over: four adults and one calf.

— Excerpted from Issue 33, part of our Nature Back Issue Set

I find it especially fascinating because I am currently reading Elizabeth Lloyd Mayer's book, Extraordinary Knowing, Science, Skepticism, and the Inexplicable Powers of the Human Mind.

She came to this subject when her daughter's rare harp was stolen and a guy 2000 miles away told her where it was.   How could it be?   Well, read the book and find out.  I am enjoying it.   : )


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