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Super News!!

I just learned that James Janko, a friend, won the Bay Area Book Award for fiction.   I love his book and gave my own personal review of this book on Amazon, and that is something I rarely do, but this book spoke beautifully to me.  Check it out.  I am thrilled he and Michael Pollan are in the same company.   How inspiring for Janko to win such an award for his first book, and he is working on another one on the Chicago Cubs.    Read "Buffalo Boy and Geronimo."   It's here now!

This is from an article by David Weigand in the SF. Chronicle.  

James Janko's "Buffalo Boy and Geronimo" won the Bay Area Book Award for fiction, while the nonfiction award went to Michael Pollan's "The Omnivore's Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals."

The 26th annual awards were presented Sunday at the San Francisco Main Library. The awards honor Bay Area authors and are voted on by book reviewers and book review editors.

Janko, a medic during the Vietnam War, teaches English as a second language at City College of San Francisco and lives in Oakland. His debut novel, published by Curbstone Press, is set in Vietnam during the war.

Pollan's book, published by the Penguin Press, traces "the chain that connects the origin (pasture, feedlot, forest) to the meal," wrote Troy Jollimore in The Chronicle's review of the book last year.


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