Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Thoughts -

A friend of Steve's calls from Marin General Hospital.  He has been in an accident on the freeway on his motorcycle.  Steve goes to get him, and I remember how my father was killed in a motorcycle accident in 1969.  It brings it back, and tears come, and I feel sort of sick and sad, and this man is all right and yet, it comes back.

Ironically, by chance, another friend of this man's was three car lengths behind on the freeway and saw the car that hit him.  The man who hit him went immediately to the police when they came and said that Bob, for that is the name of the man riding the motorcycle, moved into his lane.  Luckily, Bob's friend was there and could say that is not true.  What if he wasn't there though?  What if he hadn't seen it?  What if Bob were dead, and this man lied about his part in it?  Of course, I suppose it would make no difference and the conscience of the man who lied would know the true.

What do I want to say about this?

Nothing really.  I just needed to share.

It just occurs to me - a beautiful day - a Saturday afternoon -  San Diego - January 4th, 1969.   My father passed like that. 

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