Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Good Morning!

This morning I was watching the water swirl down the drain and thinking how exciting that is, and how though I set intention, I miss so much of the thrills going on around me each day.  At Esalen, I heard the clatter of helicopter blades and looked up to see a helicopter dropping a ladder down into the canyon.  At first, I thought it was a rescue but then the helicopter  kept going back and forth with various items carrying them down from the road to a cleft in the canyon.  I learned they were putting in a new filter system, or as others called it, septic system.  I realized how much I take for granted that what is eliminated will flush away but it is quite a project to keep everything running smoothly in an isolated place like Esalen.  Huge fire hoses are everywhere, easy to access.  Clearly, a fire would mean the people there took care of it.  No way could a fire truck get there on those windy roads in any kind of time.  There is something precious about knowing how clearly we are connected and tied in the ways that not only ensure survival but ease our way.  Of course, proper plumbing deals with sanitation and is key.

My son Jeff and his wife bought a house and are now dealing with squirrels that think it is their home too.  They think the squirrels are really cute and now it seems the squirrels think they are really cute too.  The problem is that squirrels are rats with long, fluffy tails and it is now a health issue to get them out.  Jeff is checking all possibilities out on-line, and it is a problem, so there we have it, as Reb Anderson of Green Gulch says, "How do we deal with beings who have agendas other than our own?"

In Jacob Needleman's book, Why Can't We Be Good?,  he says the "way" is to listen to the other, to repeat what the "other" says, until you really experience their point of view.  I think we know the squirrel's point of view and yet they can't be in the house, so there it is, tales and tails of various ways to live. 

And that leads, of course, to Jerry Falwell, of whom it seems, with his death, there is even more to be said.  


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