Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Here I am, finally!

I hate to complain about something that is so amazing, and I must admit to a wee bit of not understanding how Livejournal could not be a bit more sensitive to what it is for people when their whole system goes down, and not just for a day, but for two days.   I have been unable to post since early yesterday morning.  I understand that problems with computers occur, but when I kept getting phone calls and emails of concern as to where I might be and if I was all right, I emailed a request asking if they could put on the sites that were affected, a message stating that people were unable to  post.  That request has not only been ignored, but not addressed as to future possibility.  I feel they continue to add bells and whistles, when I would prefer to have the system work as it has worked for the 19 months I have used it.   I think when a system is down for more than 24 hours, people need some reassurance as to what is going on, more than a message posted on a site supported by a different server, a message from a day before and completely out of date.  Maybe they don't need to do that because they provide a service, and maybe there isn't really any competition for that service and maybe it doesn't really matter if the system is down periodically.  Maybe it shows how much we depend on technology to work.  Anyway, it seems it is now back, and I am realizing that I will say now that if something happens to me, I will have someone post that, so, as usual, "no news is good news," and I am well and fine.  I also realized how much I rely on posting and so I felt a bit discombobulated with not being able to check in and knowing that for some of you that would be a cause for concern.   The good news is that I had some actual phone conversations that I would not have had otherwise. 

So, what is going on in my life?   Well, yesterday I spent at Renaissance Stone in Oakland where we sat among the stones and sculptures discussing Rilke and his work for and learning from Rodin.  He learned to sculpt words as Rodin sculpted stone.   It was a fascinating place to learn more of Rilke and his life and again to see how important it is to read many translations of a work, and to have an understanding of the history from which the work emerges. 

I took a workshop with Amy Rennert, a book agent and I have been reading the books she has placed to get a sense of her and whether our book fits what she sells.  One book is Maisie Dobbs by Jacqueline Winspear.  It brings WWI to beautiful life and brings back memories of what our grandparents went through.  I recommend it.

It is also timely, in that this is Memorial Day weekend, a time to think back and remember those who have died, especially in wars.  It is a time to wrap in memory, connection, and love.  Summer is here, and the fog is in, and it is cold.    Mark Twain's, the "coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco" has officially begun.  I am at my desk, wearing a jacket, as the fog spins round, and allows me a place to go inside and think of all those I love who have died. 

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