Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Good Morning!

The Golden Gate Bridge is 70 years old today.  It is difficult to imagine life without it.  Imagine only ferries carrying us back and forth.

I am reading a wonderful book, A Slant of Sun, by Beth Kephart.  It is a mother writing about her son, who is "different," and who has symptoms of autism, but is not totally there, so he doesn't really fit anywhere, and so she spends her time finding ways to make life work for him, to understand what he needs and provide it.  I am reminded of the contributions Temple Grandin has made, and she is autistic.  We need a place to bring forth each person so they can fully contribute and fully fulfill.  Imagine if we had the money we spend on weapons and war for education, so that education could be customized rather than rubber-stamped. 

I am moving slowly this morning, having spent time observing my cats.  They sleep a great deal and breathe all the way down to the end of their spine.  They sleep curled, and I wonder why we don't.  Our beds aren't made for it, I suppose, our couches.

So, my theme for today is diversity, feeling my way into all the different parts of myself and allowing each of them a place for rest and breath.

 We watched Michael Moore interviewed on Bill Maher about his new  movie "Sicko."  He said everyone, both Republicans and Democrats,  support it.  It rises above politics and the subject has influenced him to start exercising and eating fruits and vegetables.  He says the health care system is a mess.  We each need to take charge of our own health, so do that today, in whatever ways feel right to you.  I keep thinking I need a hammock, and I am learning to curl and sleep more.  I'm learning from my cats.

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