Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

American Forests!

I receive a magazine American Forests because I like the gift of trees.  You can check them out at:


They have a wonderful ad where you look down on a landscape of trees and buildings, and the ad asks if you can spot the $5 billion water storage plant.   It is the trees.  They catch storm water, reduce air pollution, and improve our health.  Plant trees.

In Berlin, they dispose of Christmas trees at the zoo.  Elephants, camels, deer and sheep nibble on Christmas trees.  The oil in the trees aids digestion in the animals.  There are a multitude of  ways to circulate ease.

Nalini Nadkarni, in her forthcoming book, Trees and Humans: Our Connections to the Arbored World, writes of the spirituality of trees.  "All religions," she says, "use trees as a metaphor for the human condition, which is finite and ends in death."

Of course, we know, the tree decomposes and nourishes new life as it goes, so is there really death or only change of form?  No matter what though, there is healing in trees.


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