Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Morning poem - -

I couldn't escape the Carl Jung quote, wanted to make it more thoroughly my own and so it entered my morning poem

Guantanamo 2007


            “Perhaps I myself am the enemy who must be loved.”

                                                Carl Jung



The trees are still this morning.

The day is warm. 

I look out on a painting, a photograph,

no sign of life, only the sound of caw, caw

and I read of a place where we torture

and people disappear, and if they don’t,

probably wish they might.

There is no information to be gained and if there ever was,

these people have been held too long for any validity

and yet we allow our own people

to torture. What does that say about us?


I want to write poetry of witness,

but poetry requires a wider stance, an ability to distance.

William Wordsworth said, “Poetry is emotion recollected in tranquility.”

What do I do with my boiling stomach, gobbling these scraps like soup?

Can I take pain and nourish

like Cornelia Parker with her artwork, “Anti-Mass”?

She hung from wire the charred remains

of a Southern Black Baptist Church destroyed

by arson, hung them

in such a way that all who enter and look,





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