Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Good Morning!

It is a beautiful day and I woke this morning thinking of how peaceful and full my life is right now, and that lead me to consider Angeles Arrien and her work with what she calls the four addictions: intensity, perfection, the need to know, and being fixated on what is not working rather than on what is working. 

Angeles Arrien says:

I think that we are highly conditioned in the American culture to the four addictions: intensity, perfection, the need to know, and to being fixated on what is not working rather than what is working. Intensity is the passion in the heart which has not been claimed. It goes into creating dramas rather than staying with the emotional nature. Rather than dramatize things, feel them. Perfection doesn't tolerate mistakes but excellence incorporates them and goes to another level of excellence. The need to know is based in control rather than trusting in wisdom. Instead of fixating on what is not working we need to be stratigizing how to trust wisdom. The mark of a visionary is being able to see both what is working and what is not working. This is the gift of vision: seeing the whole, all of the details and seeking creative solutions.

Perhaps my life feels calm right now because I am feeling rather than dramatizing, and intending incorporation, and reaching to trust wisdom.  I'm not sure I am seeing what is not working, but will focus there today.  I tend to live a bit like Pollyanna, and I know life is to balance and so I reach to note what might not be working in my life right now.  Ah, I do not want to go there.  I like to believe all is working and it is, and perhaps I could more finely tune the workings of my life, body-mind. 

This morning there were two baby squirrels in the garden.  Tiger did not know what to make of them.  They all attempted to play with each other, but the squirrels were interested in cleaning up.  Finally, they did figure out how to climb a tree.  Tiger ran to me to be held.  He is not the bravest of cats, and is still a baby even though he is now over a year old.  Bella was inside and missed the baby squirrels.  It certainly shows that fear must be taught and I don't know where the mother of these squirrels was, and I see that there was no fear by any of the three, only curiosity, interest and a place for all to get along.

This morning I feel how clearly each one of us is "god," spirit moving through, and how we are here on a testing ground to see how much we can learn, absorb, and move through.  It is quite a gift, this life.  I am grateful to be alive and on this earth right now with you.  We are here for each other, to teach and learn and more easily pass this gift of living in, out, and through.  

The image of the two baby squirrels and Tiger guide the light of my day.  


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