Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

The Sun Is Out!!

It is the most amazing thing. The sun is shining and gliding and prancing and warm. The world is singing response. I know it has been there the whole time, but it is also lovely to feel it dip right into my cells and my eyes, like the beak of a hummingbird probing a tubular flower.

I heard from some people about my comments on Jeff and Jan, and I have had a change of opinion on it all. I wanted a Pollyanna ending, a happy wedding, and it will be that, no matter how it is, but I, also, need to honor the people involved. Jan's parents want her to marry someone Chinese. If they are disappointed in her choice, then, they have a choice as to response. It is not up to me to influence their choice.

Suffering is wanting things to be different than they are. I know that Jeff and Jan will create a most wonderful wedding celebration. They are filled with ideas. It is their wedding. Those of us who choose to participate will be given a great gift. I appreciate the prayers I requested, and I realize now it might have been ego and/or arrogance to think this wedding should fulfill what I might want to see.

I know that Jan would love a relationship of acceptance with her parents, and perhaps that will occur. Perhaps, they will be nudged to see this differently, though they both seem to be in retreat right now, and they may just be contemplating the shock of it all. For me, it is another lesson in acceptance. Everything is just fine. Their wedding will be lovely. The people who are meant to be there will attend.

I am amazed to hear of the number of parents who disown their children for a time, or forever, because the children marry outside their religion, race, or choice. Often, grandchildren bring the family back together, but, sometimes death comes first. I am sitting with that, trying not to judge those who cannot lean into acceptance, and maybe it is a leaning, a curiosity to know. "How is this now? Hmmm!"

Can it be that curiosity is what is more fully needed? More questions? "Hmmm! How is this now?" Can we say that more and more each day, to the rays of the sun, and the weepings of the clouds? "How is this now? It's just wonderful this way. I'm so grateful it is just this way." It works for me. My world is contentment now. Thank you for following along as I more fully create and balance my night and my day.

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