Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Good Morning!

It is a delightful Sunday morning and I have already been out for a refreshing early walk.  I am noticing this  year how full the air is with flying beings.  It is quite fun.  I took some books outside to read yesterday and ended up watching a bumblebee, grateful to have one, and a hummingbird, and a squirrel that circles our yard flinging itself from branch to branch and tree to tree.  We will have tree work done this week - five or six trees removed, but I think the squirrel will be fine with its aerial flight.

This computer is still struggling, so posting may again be spotty.  What I do see though is the importance of getting outside and spending less time this way.  I read that less people are using our national parks, and the concern is that funding will stop for them as they are not appreciated for the release and relief they bring.

Tis a day to be outside, and wash off the pollution of some of our "leaders."  Maureen Dowd has this to say about Cheney:

"It’s hard to imagine how Dick Cheney could get more dastardly, unless J. K. Rowling has him knock off Harry Potter next month."

Enjoy summer today and the float in water and air.   It is lovely this transition, from spring to summer.   I saw apples and plums.

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