Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Good Morning!

It is another beautifully vibrant day, and the nights are alive with this glorious moon.  I am enchanted.

I purchased an orchid yesterday with flowers of gold lined with burnt umber.  It is accompanying me here at the table and offers a welcoming nod.

Jane and I have been working vigorously on the book proposal.  We are enjoying it, and see it is about refining and clarifying thought. 

I am reading Al Gore's new book The Assault on Reason.  I agree with all he says, obviously, and yet, I think he labors the points too long and too much.  There is only so much I can absorb, and I keep pausing, and wishing all the horrors of Bush could just be listed and we could do something about them all, and then move on.  I guess that is unrealistic and simplistic thinking.

The yard is filled with flowers and all is so beautiful.  I hope we all wave like flowers on our stems today and enjoy the breeze and calm.


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