Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

A little more winter -

Well, though it seems winter may have slipped our grasp today, I am still wanting to be there with this poem.  I should have tossed it out sooner, but I held onto it, and now it's moment may have passed, or perhaps not, depending where you are or when you read this.  The sun has set.  Perhaps, even tonight, brings again our winter light, our memory alive.  We, like Joy Harjo,  are "memory alive." 

Skeleton of Winter   by Joy Harjo

These winter days
I've remained silent
as a whiteman's watch
keeping time
                   an old bone
empty as a fish skeleton
at low tide.
It is almost too dark
                      for vision
these ebony mornings
but there is still memory,
the other-sight
and still I see.

Rabbits get torn under
cars that travel at night
but come out the other
side, not bruised
breathing soft
like no fear.

And sound is light, is
movement.  The sun revolves
and sings.

There are still ancient
I did dance with the prehistoric horse
years and births later
near a cave wall
late winter.

A tooth-hard rocking
in my belly comes back,
something echoes
all forgotten dreams,
                               in winter.

I am memory alive
                            not just a name
but an intricate part
of this web of motion,
meaning: earth, sky, stars circling
my heart


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