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Today when I was at Blackie's Pasture in Tiburon, two young people came up to me on their Blazing Saddles rented bicycles and asked me where the Redwood tree was.   I assumed they were looking for Muir Woods and the redwood trees, but when they showed me the teeny-tiny out-of-scale map that they were given by Blazing Saddles, I saw that Mill Valley is designated with a huge redwood tree.   From the map, it would seem impossible to miss, but the map was a complete misrepresentation.  I could also see how the Redwood Tree would seem like something one should definitely see.  It was huge.  The man was tired, and she wanted to see the tree.  I suggested that at this point they should travel on in to Tiburon and take the ferry back to the city.   What I realized is that though I know the redwood tree in Mill Valley, I don't think of it as a destination.  Of course, I have a redwood tree in my yard.  Though I think I live in appreciation of the beauty of the area in which I live, I see there is more.   I give thanks every day for the beauty here, and I am going to increase my thanks even more.

I am also going to write Blazing Saddles and tell them they must give people a decent map.  Tourists are streaming over the bridge on pitiful bicycles, and most of them do not wear helmets.  I think they at least need to have a sense of distance and where they are going and how to return.  I expect to be treated fairly when I am a tourist, and I am not feeling good about how Blazing Saddles is treating the people who come.  If it were all bike path, it would be one thing, but they are riding on the roads, and there is no differentiation of bike path or road, hill or flat, or distance.  It should be very clear as to where they can rest and get help.

Tourists are also renting little carts in the city.   Again, I feel concern.  San Francisco is not a theme park.
Of course, there were ten murders in the bay area this last weekend.  I suppose wobbly bicycles and silly little carts are not big concerns.

How odd to address this tonight, when the stars are bright and I am so excited about my family gathering tomorrow.  I guess I worry about everyone's child and want them all to be safe.  Tonight is quiet and tomorrow night will be loud with bangs and pierced with flashes of light other than the stars.  What a funny old world it is!    May your dreams weave easy rings of  insight.  

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