Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Good Morning!

The decks are wet this morning with a thick coat of fog, but the wind has stopped and all is silent, except for the running of the heater.  Where I live, the rates are reduced in summer because it is perceived, even by PG&E, that there is a need for heat.

I read the book Broken yesterday.  It is by William Cope Moyers, the son of Bill Moyers, and is about his struggle with drug and alcohol addiction, specifically crack cocaine.  It is a sobering tale, made even more powerful by the revelation of the number of seemingly functional people around us who are addicted to drugs.  He asks that we treat drug addiction as we would cancer, give it that kind of emotional and financial support.  There is still a stigma, still the belief that the person is weak in some way, when really the body/mind is so changed that only groups of support can get one through and even then, William entered rehab four times.  He had a loving family of support who continued to seek him out and provide the needed care.  Most do not.  It is a sobering book, literally, and I think one we all should read.  It goes along with the movie Sicko in a way, as to the importance of caring for everyone without judgment as to their means and the possibilities set before them.

There is a good editorial in the NY Times on how well NATO does, and yet, we excluded them from Afghanistan, until the situation was desperate and then we let them in.  The article points out that NATO is about cooperation between countries and that is why it works.  Why would the US become some arrogant as to say we could do it ourselves?  In a way, we are like the addict with ego ruling the roost, instead of the understanding that we are all connected, with each one here with noble purpose in hand.

I have read many books on the subject of the US as unaware of its shadow side.  Certainly that is true.  Proclaiming one's self "good" and other's "bad" shows a lack of understanding as to the wholeness we all share.  It is also one of the leads to addiction, as a desire for "perfection" leads to failure, and the drug goes for the ego and feels so good for awhile until it doesn't, and then, the cycle begins again.

I think when this country recognizes all sides of itself, we will be on the way to a great healing for the country as a whole and the people within.  As long as we are soon to re-vamp our health care system, perhaps, we can also add a new compassion for addiction and mental illness.  

Here is to healing today, in all ways, for each of us, and the planet as a whole.  IMAGINE!

"Imagination disposes of everything; it creates beauty, justice, and happiness, which are everything in this world."

- Blaise Pascal


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