Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Responsibility -

I am sorry for the mother of the four year old who lost her son at Great American in the Wave Pool, but I do not understand how she can blame Great American, and argue about whether there were four lifeguards or six.  That is not the point.  A parent watches their child at a swimming pool, especially when the child is only four years old.   Lifeguards oversee the whole pool, and they can save someone when there is a problem, but they cannot account for every individual, and I personally think a parent should be sitting there watching their own child at a pool or at the ocean.  How could anyone expect the lifeguards to take full responsibility for a four year old?  I'm sure they feel terrible also.  They are probably college kids doing a summer job, and one can only expect so much of someone else when it comes to children.   We are each responsible for watching our own children, and I think this woman's anger is displaced.  I understand her struggle and pain, but I question why she wasn't aware where her four year old was for ten minutes.  Most of us are aware with a four year old when things are too quiet in the house for ten minutes. It is sad for everyone involved, but I certainly hope we are not going to see a huge lawsuit for what, in my opinion from what I am reading, was not, in this case, the fault of the park.

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