Heart Happy (cathy_edgett) wrote,
Heart Happy

Morning Poems!


July 16, 2007


My mother would be eighty today

if she lived - eighty -

those two round O’s stacked

with another by their side.


I miss her with the whole round

ache of three whole O’s of pain,

miss her smile, sweetness, delicacy,



There are three O’s in my heart

right now

holding up cards

saying Oh, Oh, Oh,


It is so hard to lose mother.

Tears flow.  




Does the pain of losing mother

ever stop?

It is the natural flow; life begets

and death begets,

and yet knowing that doesn’t stop

the silver hammer pounding my heart

saying where is she in whom I lived

for nine months

connected by a cord

in breath and digestion,

rhythm, pulse and sound.


When are we ever so obviously held


She left me clues of afterlife

with a glass broken egg,

a honked horn,

let me know she was hatched

into a wider bloom,

and yet I ache. 

I want to take her to the Lark Creek Inn

for lunch to celebrate.

She will have the pot roast with potatoes

and carrots.  I will have the fish.




On the Mountain



When I sit on the rocks

beneath the prayer flags

hanging from the barbed wire

of the fire lookout,

I am surrounded by Swallowtail

butterflies and birds.

I look down on a world

that seems gentle and sweet.

I see only love in the curve of the bay,

water and land based in the movement of tiny ships. 

The top of Sutro Tower pokes up from the fog.

Parts connect that are unconnected,

East Bay and West.

Organs know blood

in the pulse,

of a four-chambered heart.  




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